Sunday, August 15, 2010

Playing Doctor

Yesterday we had a small gathering over at my parents house since it was so hot. They had the pools all filled up and ready to go. While playing at the playground Isabell found a play stethoscope (yeah we were a little iffy about it since we didn't know where it had been but she was having so much fun with it, so we just let it go) and started listening to everyone's heart. Mom said Isabell listened to her heart, said it wasn't good, threw some rocks on it and said, "All better." If only it were that easy to fix actual heart problems. So here are some pics to remember it by.
Isabell listening to Peyton's "heart", from the back apparently.
And now she's listening to his hand. Peyton's getting a full check-up.
Peyton actually listening to Isabell's heart. He was the only one to listen to the heart.
 Isabell just liked using it for other body parts.
More of listening to Peyton's hand.
And now she's listening to Peyton's eye.

Listening to Peyton's ear.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Just letting the "Anonymous" lookers out there who have tried to leave comments and couldn't know that now you can. I didn't know that it was set to only allow registered people to leave comments. So comment on!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Mama, no bars on bed!!!"

Mama singing Isabell a song in her new bed with no bars.

The couple of weeks leading up to 7/20/10 this is what I heard almost every morning and after every nap. I would go to take Isabell out of her crib and she would be crying about the bars on her bed, saying she didn't like them and that they scared her (she's also going through a stage where EVERYTHING scares her, or at least that's what she says.) So on the 20 before her nap Spencer decided to take the front bars off of her crib turning her crib into a "big girl bed", kind of. With her cup of milk she went down pretty ok.

Now it must be said that I have been very hesitant to change her bed. I was afriad of how she might deal with it, and I also wasn't ready for her to grow up that much more.

Well she woke up a couple hours later, got out of bed, and knocked on her door. I went and opened it and the first thing she said to me was, "Mama, no bars on my bed. Mama, put bars in garage sale." I asked her if she wanted the bars back on her bed and she said no, so it appeared to have been successful, that is until the evening. When it came time for bed she wanted the bars back on, Spencer however wouldn't budge (and I do say Spencer because I was all for giving that sad crying girl what she wanted).

The end result? Weeks later and the bars have not returned. It only took her a couple of nights to get used to not having the bars there. Now she really likes being able to get in and out of her bed on her own (and I must say, so do I).