Monday, September 26, 2011

Isabell's Moments

I know I haven't posted anything for a LONG time, so this may not be the update you were all looking for, but these are some things I don't EVER want to forget; classic Isabell moments...

She has really been into dress up lately. She has a few of the princess dresses and will put on jewelry with it. The other day she was all dressed up and came into my room and said, "Hi Mama! I'm a princess and this is my prince." (pointing to her imaginary prince) "We're going to have a wedding birthday celebration today."
"Oh how wonderful! Who's birthday is it?"
"The prince and mine."
"Well, what would you like for your wedding birthday present?"
"Umm, umm, umm, maybe a toy puppy. Yeah a toy puppy."
"What would your prince like?"
"He wants a puppy too."
Think her answer will be that simple when it's her actual wedding? I sure hope so.

On Thurs. while riding in the car, Spencer and I had a very low key lover's spat. Isabell interupted us by saying, "But Daddy, you love her!"
Spencer, while chuckling, "Of course I love her."
Iz- "And Mama loves you!"
Spencer, still chuckling, "Of course she loves me."
Iz- "So kiss her!"
Well, if that doesn't sum up all the pointless arguments I've ever had with my husband I don't know what does. And it worked. We were both laughing after that.

Isabell was riding in the truck with me and all of the sudden she asks about my car which we had gotten rid of a few months ago. So I told her I didn't have a car and was just borrowing other people's cars. She said, "You can go get a car if you want to, any car you want Mama."
I asked, "Are you paying for this car?"
Iz- "Umm, no. If you need money you can just go ask the lady and she'll give you some, and then you can get any car you want, if you want to. Hey your favorite color is purple, you can get a purple car and I can get a yellow car like my favorite color. Then I can listen to "Cuppapasitonyou"!! (which is actually "I've got my mind set on you" by George Harrison)
I don't know where this getting money from a lady came from though. I don't think she knows anything about loans.

On Saturday, Mom and I and to get up real early to go to work. Isabell accidentally got woken up by the garage door, and she came running/crying out of the room for me. I told her I had to leave right now (we were just a bit late) and said good-bye and told her to go to Papa (my dad). So she ran to him and said while full on serious crying, "Papa, I have a song stuck in my eye!!"
Papa- "You have a song stuck in your eye?"
Iz - "Yes!"
Papa- "What song do you have stuck in your eye?"
Iz-" If you're happy and you know it!!!"
Apparently it ended with Isabell wanting chocolate milk and asking to watch Dora. Just a background on the song, I sing it to Ellie to make her happy and on Friday we were in the car together and Ellie got upset so I sang it to her, and Isabell slapped her hands on her face, exsasperated very obviously and said, "Mama!! I'm tired of hearing that song!!"

 She sure is a fascinating kid with some VERY interesting stuff to say. I'm so thankful she's in my life. It would be very boring otherwise.