Friday, July 13, 2012

Lessons from Sleeping Beauty

Isabell is at it once again. Today she watched one of her favorite movies; Sleeping Beauty. Afterwards she felt the need to dress up in her Sleeping Beauty dress and shoes and has been running around the house calling herself Aurora. Well, about 20 minutes ago Peyton arrived at our house to spend the night. Instantly Isabell wanted him to play Prince Philip. Well, Peyton has been very into the Batman Beyond series so Isabell settled on him being Aqua Man. 

As I was cleaning the kitchen I started listening in on what Isabell was saying to Peyton. She was in the hallway bathroom and Peyton was leaving, so Isabell told him she wanted a kiss. After Peyton left I saw Isabell lean against the edge of the doorway, sigh, and look longingly after Peyton and saying in a soft romantic whisper (by the way, none of that was an exaggeration, that is EXACTLY as it happened), "He's so handsome. He's the handsomest super hero in the whole wide world." She then came out of the bathroom singing the song from Sleeping Beauty, "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream." Then she came dancing into the kitchen and said, again in the romantic sighing voice, "Mama, I have the most handsomest super hero man in the whole wide world." Me- "And who is that?" Isabell-"Aqua Man" *big love striken sigh*

I later sad to Spencer, "We'll have one daughter who goes around yelling at everybody and probably beating them up and the other will be falling in love with every boy she sees." He responded, "I'll take the younger one. I'll just put her in a sport that will tire her out and she won't have energy to yell anymore."

I guess I shouldn't be too concerned because now they're playing The Three Little Pigs. 

She picks up so easily what she watches. She got Barbie and The Three Musketeers and for the next few days she kept fighting bad guys and punching and kicking the air. 

It's so cute but at the same time so scary to see my little girl so overtaken with love interests and romantic things. I will be in big trouble when she becomes a teenager.