Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

I always have a deep aspiration to journal, blog, scrapbook, and really any form of archiving. However, as you can tell, I'm not very good at it. For a while now I've had this idea of pretty much a photo blog with captions. So I'm going to give that a shot. We'll see how it works out. 

First round of the photo blog... Halloween.

The Saturday before Halloween our church had their annual Trunk-or-Treat event. We went the the Morgan's and Miller's wards so the cousins could be together. As soon as we arrive Isabell sees someone in a scary masks and freaks out and won't leave the coat closet. I finally convinced her to come in the gym with me to go to another room (but really to show her that there was nothing scary in there) but she didn't believe me. It wasn't until Spencer explained that she couldn't do any of the games or go Trunk-or-Treating if we didn't stay. Then she decided that she wanted to stay. By this point she had freaked out Ellie and Ellie had her signature death-grip hold on Spencer and cried whenever she saw the doors to the gym. But that's ok because not long after being in the gym Isabell saw the mask again and didn't care about the candy anymore, she just wanted to get out of there!! 

We made a quick run to Safeway to get treats for the girls. Halloween isn't a holiday I'm too excited about so my girls being scared of it doesn't really bother me. At least that's what I thought until it was time that we DIDN'T go Trick-or-Treating. I was surprisingly bummed. I know in the end it was for the better, but it's always so cute to see them bounce up to the doors and say, "Trick-or-Treat." Oh well, they went Trick-or-Treating to Mom and Dad's three times that night. 

So in light of these recent events the Hunt Family thought they would start a new tradition of making caramel apples on Halloween. I think it went pretty well.

The girls before we left the house. Gotta love the Western Washington weather  where the costumes get covered up by rain jackets.

Caramel apples were done at Grandmama's house (Kim and Mark). This is Josh giving me a great pose for the camera. 

Sam and Isabell dancing to the 'Monster Mash' while waiting for the caramels to melt. (After this pictures get a little out of order.)

Isabell helping to unwrap the caramels. She's dressed up as Snow White. Dress and shoes were already in her dress-up trunk. Score for Mommy!

Ellie found something better to unwrap...

... a tootsie roll!

More dancing...

Ellie just wanted to sit on the floor.

Getting the sprinkles on that way was very hard. We decided next time we will put them on a plate and roll the apple in them.

Spencer said I was crazy for getting Oreos. That turned out to be everyone's favorite. 

Kim hates to waste anything. So this is the left over caramel, the left over peanuts, and the left over Oreo crumbs.