Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Families are Forever

Saturday May 7th 2005 was my freshman prom. A few weeks before the big occasion I leaned over to my best friend in science class and said, "Hey, you should go to prom with you me." We met at the dance and there we had our first kiss, in front of my entire family. (Quite literally, even Tressa and Jesse were there.)Three years later on Saturday May 3rd 2008 Spencer and I were married.

Another three years later on Saturday May 7th 2010 Spencer, Isabell, Ellie and I were sealed toghether in the Portland Temple. This was very exciting for us because this sacred ordinance means that we get to be a family for time and all eternity, not just "til death do us part."

It was a very long exciting day. Thanks to the help of the Miller Family my girls didn't have to endure as long of a day as some of us. Friends and family came to join us for this joyous occasion. We attempted pictures after the sealing but it had been a long day for all of the kids so not much was happening there. Then the Abe family joined by my Grandma Connie and Clayton went out to eat at the great Papa Pete's Pizza in Ridgefield. Thanks to everyone who helped us and shared this day with us!