Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well, three weeks after my birthday I was able to have my birthday party. (May seems to be a difficult month to hold a party in my family) Since I hadn't had a big party with friends since my 16th I decided to throw my self a Mocktail/Whose Line is it Anyway Birthday Bash.
For those of you who don't know Whose Line is it Anyway is an improv game that used to be on ABC Family and was hosted by Drew Carey. (It originally came from Britian though.) I love this game so I thought it would be fun to play some of the games that they do. For my party I choose:
Party Quirks
Sound Effects
Scenes from a Hat
Foriegn Film Dub
Let's Make a Date

I'll give a little explanation of each for those who don't know much about them.

Party Quirks- One person is the host and three others are the guests who arrive one at a time and each guest has a unique personality and the host has to guess what they are.

Sound Effects- Two people act out a scene and two other people are 'offstage' and are making the sounds for it.

Scenes from a Hat- written suggestions are placed in a hat. The host then draws from the hat, and any of the four performers, who stand off-stage, may enter and develop that scene.  the US version often consisted of one-liners. (Which is what we did.)

Foriegn Film Dub- Two people act out a scene using just a random movie title and a foriegn language. They have to speak the language and two other people translate it.
Let's Make a Date- Almost exactly the same as Party Quirks except it's like a dating show where there is a contestant and then three bachelors/bachelorettes who they ask questions to.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, in this case I think most of these are woth 1,001 so I"ll let them do the talking.

Those kids were so excited when we said we were going to sing Happy Birthday. I think besides eating the cake, it's their favoite part of the party.
A very Cody face.
Cody was our first lovely lady contestant.
The first round of Let's Make a Date bachelors. Mark had a nervous tick and Nate was Batman (Superhero)
Spencer showing off his Elvis Presely moves.
The lucky bachelor contestant.
Tressa was the fun date who was afraid of the color white.
Kim was the fabulous date who had narcolepsy.
I was really whinny. I even got cut off on one of my answers. Hmph!
Erica and Kathleen were our sound effect makers in Sound Effects.
Dad and Jesse are pushing Jesse's broken down car through NYC which was the scene for Sound Effects.
Tressa was our 'Drew Carey' for the Scences from a Hat game
Clarissa getting dolled up before her guests arrive to her party.
Dad (Doug A.) is on fire!!
Erica is a dog who loves to chew on shoes.
Mark has a sinus problem and is blowing his nose everywhere without a kleenex. EEEWW!
I'm the host of the party checkin the dip before my guests arrive.
Clarissa is a Pro Wrestler before a big match and Jesse is really into oragami.
Kim being a Life in 60 seconds (from birth to death) This is the birth.
The Miller Family enjoying the show.
Kathleen slithering and sliding out of her old snake skin, the perfect guest for a party.
Parker displaying one of the funny hats we got for a different game we were going to do.
Spencer and his little sister Sam.
I don't think you're supposed to sitch cards guys. They are lined up to play Let's Make a Date.
Can't you tell? She's a senatorial candidate schmoozing the crowd.
Having a conversation with this Honker (from Seasame Street) is a bit hard.
Once the improv died down, we brought out Just Dance 2. This is from one of my favorite songs, Rasputin.
Peyton helping me with the moves.
Kathleen strutin her stuff.
It took some convincing but we finally got Doug Gifford out on the dance floor.
Isabell doing what she does best; Chasing Brady.
Miss Ellie. Enough said :)