Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Think I Wanna Marry You

"It's a beautiful night. We're looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby. I think I wanna marry you." 
This is a song by Bruno Mars. I first heard it when it appeared on Glee about a year ago. It's one of Isabell's favorites. She could sing it all even last year after listening to it over and over and over again. About a month ago I even heard her singing it while going to the bathroom.  

Well, from this song and the encouragement of Disney Princess movies Isabell has become obsessed with marrying and kissing. And who is the apple of her eye? Who does she want to be her Prince Charming? Her cousin Peyton of course!

She talks about it quite frequently. One time while Peyton was in the car with us, she asked Peyton if he would marry her. Peyton respectfully declined. However, Isabell refuses to take "No." as an answer. She replied with, "But I'm going to wear a pretty dress." while turning her head a little, putting her hands up to her cheeks and batting her eyelashes. (And no, that is not a joke. She actually did that.) And she actually  fluctuated her voice like Lucy does to Schroeder on the Peanuts cartoons. 

Last Wednesday all this talk finally became action. Peyton was over to spend the night. They were playing outside and I was getting ready to go to my Young Women's activity at church and all of a sudden Isabell comes inside and says, "Wahoo!! A wedding today! A wedding today!" I of course follow her to her bedroom to inquire about this statement.
 She replies, "I'm having my wedding today!"
Me- "Who are you getting married to?"
Isabell- "Peyton."
Me- "Why are you marrying Petyon?"
Isabell- "Because he's handsome. And he thinks I'm beautiful."
Then Isabell puts on her flower girl dress from Alesha's wedding.
Me- "Well, what you going to do after you're married?"
Isabell-" We're going to KISS!"
Me- (after smacking my face and shaking my head)- "What are you going to do after you kiss?"
Isabell- "We're going to dance."
Me-" And what are you going to do after you dance?"
Isabell, in a secretive whisper- "We're going to eat our wedding cake."

Well, at least this girl's got all the important parts down.

She then goes and tries to get Peyton to dress up in a Peter Pan/Robin Hood costume we have, but he wanted to pretend to be dressed up. 

Isabell in her dress.

Isabell trying to get Petyon to come and marry her.

Iz showing Petyon that she is in her wedding dress and is not playing Maria from the Nutcracker (they watched the Disney version and love to pretend play it.)

Isabell frustrated because Peyton doesn't want to marry her.

After some convincing, Isabell finally got Peyton to agree to marry her. And apparently in Isabell's weddings you just go straight to the kiss. No "I do's" or anything. The next few pictures are the kiss sequence.

And just like Isabell said, after they kissed they had their dance. 

I must say I was pretty impressed with this spin move by Peyton.

They however, did not have their cake and right after dancing both quickly moved on to something different and completely forgot about being married. This whole situation was so hilarious. For the most part I didn't even try not to laugh, because it was no use. The way Isabell says things, with the fluctuations in her voice and how she bats her eyelashes and all. I'm starting to think she is watching WAY too many princess movies. She's very into kissing right now. Today she was playing with her little people and married them and they kissed a lot. I'm not sure if I should get worried about it or just shrug my shoulders and say, "She's only a little kid." (And no, Spencer and I don't kiss a whole bunch in front of her.)

All of this does however bring memories back to my childhood. I have a cousin who is a year younger than me and when we were little my sisters and a few of our other older girl cousins were always trying to marry us. They loved to get us dressed up and put on a pretend wedding. Theirs however involved more than just the kiss. We usually had someone marrying us. If I remember correctly I was usually pretty easy to convince to take part in the scheme but it took a lot of convincing and forcing to get Nate to agree to it. 

I find it funny that the same thing is happening with my daughter. So I posted some pictures below of me and my cousin Nate at about the same age as Petyon and Isabell are right now. 

This is me and Nate playing in the sandbox at TumTum.

Giving me a night time hug before bed.

And here he is giving me a smooch on the cheek.