Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two Peas in a Pod

That's exactly what Isabell and Ellie are. They fit so perfectly together. Isabell sometimes isn't the best morning person or just waking up from a nap person. Not sure where she got it (it couldn't be from her mother...). She'll be trying to cuddle with me all tired like, then Ellie hops into bed with us and just flops on Iz laughting and giving Iz kisses. At first Isabell is upset and pushes Ellie away. But Ellie persists and not long after Isabell is laughing and playing wrestling with Ellie.
Isabell is enjoying this game even if it doesn't look like it. Ellie would jump on her back then Is would fall backwards on the couch. Both enjoyed it very much.

It's so much fun to watch these two grow together. Even now they are dumping out toothpicks then putting them back one by one into the dispenser, all the while taking turns. How easily amused little kids can be. 

The both even have the same lifeless face while watching T.V.

The other day we were listening to Disney music. "What's This?" from A Nightmare Before Christmas came on and Isabell started running around the room going from place to place hiding from the scary song. Next thing I know Ellie is following her. Ellie was always in the last place that Isabell was; just laughing and having such a good time being exactly like her big sister. It's amazing to see how much Ellie looks to Isabell for unspoken advice, even though they are so young. You can almost always see her watching Isabell and seeing what she's doing and what Iz thinks of the situation to see how she should be acting. 

As always, there are ups with the downs; these two can get along just beautifully one moment and the next both are screaming at each other and crying. They help bring out the best AND the worst in each other. But all in all I love those two so much and enjoy watching them learn and grow together. And one of the sweetest things the do now is hold hands while walking. Ellie LOVES to hold Isabell's hand. If I'm caring her she will say "Walk. Hands" so I put her down and she runs to her sister and holds out her hand; usually Isabell grabs a hold of it with no problem and a "You want to hold my hand Ellie? Ok." Yesterday Iz had spend the night at Madison's house. While she was gone the first day Ellie kept asking, "Where Izzy at?" And when she woke up in the morning first thing that's what she said. Then we went to pick up Isabell from preschool and Ellie pushed her way through the crowd of parents to get to her sister and Isabell did the same. They gave each other a great big hug and then Iz grabbed a hold of Ellie's hand (grabbing her away from Parker) and walked out of the classroom. In the car she said to Ellie, "I missed you Ellie." "Mama, Ellie missed me to I know it."

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